Warning Signs of Cast Iron Pipe Failure

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Is Your Property 35 years or older? Do you own, manage, or maintain a property that is 35 years or older? The number of piping failures in buildings 35 years and older has greatly increased in Hawaii; and as an owner or property manager, there are warning signs that can notify you of

Air Barrier Testing

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What does air leakage look like in a building? Most commonly, you may experience these effects of air leakage rather than seeing them. Uncontrolled air leakage can lead to: Energy Loss and Higher Costs Decrease in Environmental Control Increase in Moisture Laden Air = Potential Damage Increase in Noise Identifying Air Leakage

5 Common Glazing Issues & Solutions

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Glazed Curtain Wall Systems In a general sense, the term “curtain wall” refers to an exterior wall that does not support loads other than its own weight. Curtain walls are therefore non-structural, and serve solely to protect the building from the elements. Curtain walls are typically exterior walls that do not