Lift Day

On a chilly day in Des Moines, Iowa, Allana Buick & Bers’ (ABBAE) construction monitoring team ensured the successful installation of two chillers to a major hotel chain in downtown Des Moines.

The installation of chillers to commercial or hospitality buildings can be challenging, as the building still needs to maintain operations throughout installation. Allana Buick & Bers ensures a successful chiller installation by:

  • Verifying the requirements of the building will be met by the pumps, the chillers, and the water exchanger.

  • Maintaining the condition of the building, including air quality throughout the construction.

  • Ensuring the Return on Investment (ROT) over the life of the equipment.

Chiller Installation Des Moines

For this project, ABBAE provided construction monitoring, design development, and bidding services. ABBAE was able to come well under budget because of our longstanding relationships with vendors and contractors. Our team bid to 5 different chiller manufacturers and 3 different contractors to offer the best price to our client.

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