Jerome Jeffers

Principal & Design Services Manager

Mr. Jeffers is a Principal and the Design Services Manager at Allana Buick & Bers (ABB). He is responsible for the development of design solutions and the manager of ABB’s design staff. Mr. Jeffers is in charge of contract document preparation, quality assurance programs, and other design-associated management duties. Mr. Jeffers is a leader in the development of standard operating procedures for design projects that incorporate the communication, documentation, quality assurance, and quality control required to meet the firm’s expectations for client service and design excellence.

Mr. Jeffers has over 40 years of experience in design services for the building industry. His waterproofing experience encompasses a wide variety of projects including below-grade, split slab, pedestrian, mechanical room, vehicular deck, and exterior wall. His building envelope experience includes design for renovations to exterior wall systems such as siding, stucco, cement plaster, pre-cast concrete, and masonry. Mr. Jeffers provides solutions to building weatherization issues and deterioration to building structures including stairs, landings, and balconies. Mr. Jeffers has earned the Registered Building Envelope Consultant (RBEC) certification, the most prestigious certification for the roofing, waterproofing, and building envelope consultant practice.