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Allana Buick & Bers, Inc. (ABBAE) was retained for replumbing the domestic supply and waste water plumbing for 2033 Nuuanu in Honolulu.

2033 Nuuanu is a reinforced concrete structure reportedly constructed in 1972. The building is a 90,000 SF, 27-story, 72-unit multi-family residential tower. The apartment tower sits over the parking garage floors and a ground floor recreation area.

The project was divided into two phases. First, a pilot project that defined the scope and budget parameters. The second was the construction phase that completed the project.

ABBAE provided leak investigation, construction administration and construction monitoring services for the mechanical systems. ABBAE conducted observations and assessments for all the piping: waste, supply and venting, with destructive testing that included the removal of cross sections of waste piping for analysis.

ABBAE visited the ground floor utility room and an area in the ground floor of the parking garage where the cast iron waste piping had been replaced with ABS piping. A portion of the piping travelling below the pavement was also replaced with ABS. It was decided that this portion of the work should be reviewed but not subject to destructive testing.

ABBAE prepared repair documents as the mechanical engineer of record suitable for permitting and bidding purposes and managed the competitive bidding process. ABBAE’s construction management services during the construction phase included managing the intrusive nature of the project and complex scheduling with the contractor and occupants who were allowed to stay in their units during the piping replacement repairs.