Allana Buick & Bers, Inc. (ABBAE) was retained by San Mateo County Community College to provide building envelope commissioning services to the Math, Science and Technology Building located in Redwood City, California.

The San Mateo Community College District’s Cañada College Math and Science Building (B23N) project consist of a new math and science instructional facility. This new facility is a 3-story steel structure building, with a mix of glass and stucco exterior wall systems.

ABBAE provided building envelope commissioning services as well as, provided the design team with performance standards for the building envelope assembly. ABBAE reviewed the system selection for the building envelope assemblies for the project. We then met with the design team throughout the Design Development Phases to review the Architect’s recommendations and provided guidance on the systems for the project. We proposed to provide Peer Review of the design drawings and specifications in 50% DD, 50% CD and 100% CD stages.

ABBAE provided these services to the following systems; roofing, concrete / metal decks, horizontal waterproofing, exterior façade weatherproofing, glazing fenestrations, and retaining wall waterproofing.

ABBAE provided mock-up testing for the glazing elements, to test the conformance with structural, water and air infiltration. Other façade elements and horizontal waterproofing mock–ups were tested for this project.

ABBAE documented and observed the construction of the vertical and horizontal surfaces including glazing systems, waterproofing systems, roofing system and facade assemblies.

The contractor completed the mock-ups, for conformance to project standards including structural/seismic, air and water infiltration, blast resistance, adhesion and peel, and waterproofing. The mock-ups passed the required testing standards. ABBAE prepared the reports with photographs documenting the step-by-step process for mock-up construction for the project construction standards.

We also provided quality assurance services on behalf of the owner. ABBAE observed the critical building envelope components during construction and to performed testing to ensure that the installed components, systems and assemblies met the standards established by the Client and the design team.