Allana Buick & Bers, Inc. (ABBAE) was retained by Steinberg Architects to provide building envelope and curtain wall consulting services for MIRO a high rise residential project, located in San Jose, California.

MIRO is a new mixed-use residential project in downtown San Jose. The building is comprised of two 28-story towers with 298 condominiums in the West Tower and 312 apartment in the East Tower. The towers sit atop a parking structure with four levels of above-grade, three levels of below grade parking, and a landscaped roof with pool deck and amenities for residents use.

ABBAE assisted Steinberg Architects with reviewing the current project development status and prepared a System Selection Narrative. We provided general description proposed assemblies, recommendations and appropriate alternate approaches. We also provided pros and cons of the proposed assemblies, focusing on long term performance versus installation costs. ABBAE also prepared construction documents for the building envelope and waterproofing systems.

ABBAE also provided curtain wall and glazing procurement services. ABBAE prepared Design Development Level Details for the curtain wall to provide bidders with the design intent. We then prepare performance specifications and technical specifications for the curtain wall assembly.

ABBAE assisted with Value Engineering efforts and provided bidding phase consulting services to this project. We reviewed project shop drawings of the curtain wall, and provide mock-up criteria and coordination. ABBAE provided construction administration services including participating in pre-construction meetings and responding to contractor Request For Information related to the building envelope. ABBAE conducted periodic visits to the project site to confirm contractor performance and review installations for compliance with the intended design.

There were many challeneges on this project. We worked directly with Steinberg and the glazing manufacture for the customized curtain walls. We attended daily meetings to ensure everyone was on schedule and on the same page. There was a challenge in time zone difference as the manufacture company is located in China. With different countries comes different regulations. We needed to make sure that all regulations were being made and were up to code in the United States. We overcame those challenges by having constant communication throughout the duration of the project.