Our Asset Management Program predicts cost savings and expenditures, controls building conditions, and streamlines maintenance and representatives.

In an ideal world, when nothing is going wrong, you aren’t paying costly, idle overhead. And when something does go wrong, the most relevant experts solve your problem in the most cost-efficient way possible.

The clients who benefit the most from an asset management program do so by starting early. They avoid the otherwise inevitable mistakes of unqualified warranty recovery and ever-expanding emergency repairs.

Our typical cases see an 80% reduction in repair costs.

With ABB’s AMP, a single phone number accesses a team of representatives who get you answers rooted in real knowledge sourced from your database of historical building information.

One concise report, automatically sourced from your online AMP database, quickly informs you on your most recent site inspections from qualified professionals.

Your staff follow a straightforward set of protocols to patch problems immediately, and automatic notifications to our relevant trade-level specialists sources long-term solutions.

As your business grows, your buildings will maintain the same reliable protection on a worldwide scale.