Fire and Life Safety Evaluations for Code Compliance

The deadline for submitting a Fire Life Safety Evaluation (FLSE) to the Honolulu Fire Department was August 31, 2022.

If you did not have a passing score, join the club. A few buildings were able to drop off the list because they were not quite tall enough and could be exempted, but very few (around 7% per HPD) achieved a passing score by 8/31/2022. This shows that few buildings are perfect and how important the Fire Sprinkler Retrofit and/or FLSE process is to the community.

If you missed the deadline, you will have received a Notice of Violation from the Honolulu Fire Department. Many buildings expected another deadline extension due to COVID-19, but this did not occur. The Honolulu Fire Department still expects each building to submit an FLSE and it’s best to engage a qualified consultant to perform the FLSE and communicate your intent to comply with the Honolulu Fire Department.

After submission of the initial FLSE, each building is then presented with the decision to opt in (meaning they will install an automatic fire sprinkler system throughout the building) or opt out (meaning they will make other corrections to the building in order to achieve a passing FLSE score).